Earn a £20 Shopping Voucher per Referral

Whilst hosting may not necessarily be for you (although we hope it will be), there is another way you could make a little extra money.


In the current climate an extra injection of cash could be a lifesaver for many people, but it is difficult for us to find ways to reach those people – and this is where you come in.  For every successful referral you give us, you will be given £20 shopping voucher (on their 2nd hosting). Easy money for doing very little!


We are happy to supply personalised flyers for you to print so we will know you are the referee if someone contacts us. If you do not have a printer or would like to do a large leaflet-drop around your local neighbourhood, we would be happy to print flyers for you. Just let us know me know via Contact Us page and we will arrange to get them to you as soon as possible.


If you are a member of a local WhatsApp group, Next-Door Neighbour website, hobby group, school class group or any other local community group then please post the flyer or information there too.


Don’t forget those who aren’t on social media platforms. Just send an email, drop a flyer round or pop one in the post. Talk and give a flyer to everyone you meet at work, school, clubs and activities that you attend and at family get togethers etc. Maybe get your children and relatives involved in spreading the word too! Post our flyers through doors, ask local shops, pubs, community halls etc to display them, and ask mobile hairdressers, beauticians etc to give them to their clients.


If you do all or even some of this, you could reap great rewards, as for each successful referral you will be given a £20 shopping voucher on their 2nd hosting. That’s £100 for 5 referrals - easy money for doing very little!

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